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Vision is one of the most wonderful gifts we can inherit from our ancestors. In human history, people have never stopped improving their vision capabilities to see the world better.

Machine vision offers great opportunities in providing innovative technologies to the industry in process automations and on-line inspections. Automated machine vision can extend human’s abilities beyond the visual spectral range and assist humans in performing labor intensive and tedious work. By using machine vision technologies, industries can gain the advantage of accuracy, speed, and productivity.

Industry Vision Automation, Corp. (IVA) is an industrial machine vision company focused on developing cutting-edge machine vision technologies and delivering imaging hardware/software solutions that meet practical needs of the industry.

The mission of IVA is to develop state-of-the-art technologies to meet the needs of industries, and to provide our expertise and bring advanced technologies to our customers. We are proud of being members of IVA, because we truly believe that with industrial vision automation and machine intelligence, you can see the world better.